Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Ensuring organic growth

We will look at which keywords and keyphrases that best describes your products and services, including what the consumers search on to find you, optimising your sites performance and content to increase your rankings/positions in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Many organisations fail to understand how important this is to a website on the internet, the fact is there is a lot of traffic generated from the organic listings on search engines. If you want to receive as much of that free traffic as possible then SEO is how you will achieve it. Of course nothing is actually for free, because there is still the work involved in ensuring your website is SEO friendly and to achieve higher positions, but this media is proven to be one of the lowest online CoS (Cost of Sale), as positions improve over time, so achieving one of the best ROI (Return on Investment) channels available, this far exceeds other online media channels as far as cost and budgets are concerned in the long term. This is when a combination of both SEO and PPC becomes very effective (PPC is sponsored ads).

Improving natural search rankings

The only challenge with SEO, and optimising (optimizing) your site and content is that it is not an over night solution which is why sometimes other online media channels are found to be so popular. I’m not saying don’t use other online media, in fact other online media is a must, but ensure that you take advantage of using SEO as early as possible allowing the website plenty of time to improve on your rankings/positioning and overall website performance. But while you are investing in other online media channels you will find your overall cost of sale decreasing as your organic traffic slowly increases over time. Combining various media channels leads to a successful digital strategy.

mo4 Digital Marketing

Helping to grow your business

The main priority is knowing the keywords and phrases you need to target, and it’s the targeting that will ensure your website is being measured correctly against it’s positioning, and effectively will allow to you to see how you are ranked in the search engines, along with how you are placed against your competition. Once you know your keywords and phrases, it is then you can optimise your website efficiently, and ensuring that all the seo features are fully utilised on each of the pages to help increase your search engine positions and visitors/traffic.

We can review all types of websites, whether they are standard static HTML pages, database driven using CMS (Content Management System), as well as offline systems, PHP and ASP websites and many other online database systems.

But don’t forget, it doesn’t all end there! There are other strategies on the internet to help you with link popularity enabling you not to only benefit from other online media channels but also to increase your online presence significantly by using offsite search engine optimisation, we analyse your backlink profile and look at new ways to build up high quality link building for your business and industry.

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