Unemployment and looking for work

Unemployment figures are up, and there are so many people out there looking for work to ensure their bills are paid each month, in many cases people relying on very little savings to see them through hard times.

It’s so much more important nowadays to have money put away just in case the company you work for goes through troubling times and possibly forced to make redundancies.

Unfortunately we may all think that it won’t happen to us, but unfortunately these things can come out of the blue even though you think the company was doing well, everyone experience unemployment at some point in their life, so be prepared.

There are many ways to market yourself and ensure everyone knows you’re available for work, it could be that you may decide to go freelance or take on contract work, but either way there are other opportunities out there which could lead to different forms of work.

A popular place to start is to sign up with recruitment agencies, they are always looking to find people to fulfill their clients requirements, but be sure to sign up with recruitment agencies that best focuses on your skill sets, as some agencies may just focus on admin staff, which means it will be no good if you have specialist skills, for example there are agencies that just focus on engineering jobs or offshore work.

Other places you might want to focus on are websites where you can upload your CV such as The Ladders, Monster Jobs and Total Jobs, plus local newspapers that offer job sections and ways of signing up for notifications that will inform you of new jobs in the area for your specialist skills.

Other ways of promoting yourself and to network and let people know you’re available for work or looking for new opportunities is to use websites such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking channels to deliver news broadcasts and to engage and interact with other users and companies.

Of course the main one is also checking with job centres and the government job seeking website that also list many jobs across the uk. You can also buy newspapers looking at job sections and keeping an ear out for companies that are recruiting, you could also send them a letter and CV to see whether there might be any opportunities for you and have your details kept on file. Sending out emails to HR contacts with local businesses is a very good way to get yourself known and to see if companies are going through a recruitment phrase.

Unemployment can be very tough for many people, and some may not know where to even start, especially when you could be going a high level of stress and worry.

If you have any other ideas of ways of looking for work that may help users that are unemployed and looking for work, then please feel free to add your comments below.