Search Marketing

We can help with your online search marketing strategy (SEM), combining both PPC advertising networks and Search Engine Optimisation to help you achieve a higher presence on the Search Engines.

This form of marketing is also known as SEM which stands for Search Engine Marketing. By combining two of the iMark services, Search Engine Optimisation and PPC networks management, we can implement the most effective strategy based on your organic listings, website design and content, performance, budget and the products and services you offer.

As part of the overall search marketing project (SEM), we will be able to help you improve your positions on the organic listings on all search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and more. Whilst the continuous development on your website, we can use online advertising such as the PPC networks (sponsored listings on Search Engines), we can then use a strategy that will give you high positions and giving you best ROI (Return on Investment).

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Helping to grow your business

The main priority is knowing the keywords and phrases you need to target which will help drive both your SEO and PPC activity, and it’s the targeting that will ensure your website is being measured correctly against it’s positioning, and effectively will allow to you to see how you are ranked in the search engines, along with how you are placed against your competition. Once you know your keywords and phrases, it is then you can optimise your website as well as using the terms within your PPC campaigns, it’s the combined effort that will ensure you are positioned for all the keywords and keyphrases where you need to appear, this will lead to increasing your rankings in the search engines and improving on your positions and visitors/traffic, which ultimately will give you sales growth. So it’s important to get your search marketing strategy working correctly.

As time goes by your organic listings will also improve and allowing the overall search strategy to change and evolve. In time you will find that overall cost of enquiries will reduce giving you a better CoS (Cost of Sale).

Search Engines receives the majority of traffic on the internet, which is why Search Marketing is so important to any organisation.