Centre of my world

Isn’t that a phrase that we’ve all heard!? I think we all wish that someone thought of us as being the centre of their world, but interestingly enough it’s usually the guys that would be expecting too much if that was the case. I’ve noticed that it seems to be the females who always wants their partner to treat them as if they are the centre of their world or if the woman was single then she might be looking for someone who will look at her as being the centre of their world, but if it is the other way, it’s the female who would come out with words such as ‘the world doesn’t revolve around you’ or ‘you think a lot of yourself, don’t you!?’. It’s funny when this is supposed to be a world of equality, and no sexism, but there are still a substantial differences between the sexes!

I stumbled across the quote the other day which made me write the article, I was looking for a good status message for my facebook profile and the quote I found was, ‘To the world you are someone, to someone you are the world’.

But it’s interesting that there are so many of these type of quotes about, but in reality, does this really happen, certainly not in my experience.

The older you get the more responsibilities you have, and it could involve money, running a home or business, being close to your family and even having children. For some people, they would think more of their job before anything else as that is what pays the bills, and if they were career minded then everything else comes second place, so no one would be centre of their world. So many woman out their have children, so it would be their children that would be the centre of their world, so naturally everything comes second place, and for some mothers, their career would come next before they would consider any other relationship.

I guess the phrase was never really meant for relationships, although the term is used by many woman, but in reality anything can be the centre of someone’s world, but I think it’s just human nature that we all want to be the centre of someone’s world, I just think that it’s nice to think that it could be possible, but it’s unlikey with so many different things going on in all of our lives. It’s just another thing we say without too much thought, because not everything can be the centre of our worlds, instead we live by a priority list, and our ‘other halves’ from the relationship aren’t usually at the top of that list.

Be interested to see what other people’s views are…!?