PPC Management

Let us manage your Paid Search / PPC networks, including Google Ads, Bing AdCentre, Facebook advertising and many others, making sure your budget is well spent giving you the best ROI (Return on Investment) possible.

Managing PPC networks on the search engines can be quite time consuming especially if you have never dealt with them before, all the networks work in slightly different ways, and if you are not familiar with how they work and how you ensure you gain the best value from your budget then we are the company that can help you.

Google, Bing and Facebook are the most popular PPC networks. PPC works on a bidding system, displaying your Advertisements on the right hand side of the associated search engine, you can also add yourself to content networks, which will display you on various websites across the internet.

There are various ways to improving the targeting of your Ads, the most simple and easiest ones to consider is the keywords and keyphrase that you use along with the copy you use for the advertisments.

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But the PPC networks go far beyond these basic principles, the networks are so much more cleverer now with how you best target your audience and capturing the consumers attention, you also have to consider how much you spend per day and the type of strategy you implement like a fixed position strategy, and know how best to populate your campaigns with phrases.

Other techniques on how best to manage exact, phrase and broad keyword/phrase terms to ensure you’re not paying more than you need to and concentrate on generating leads at the right CPA (cost per acquisition), and ensuring the keywords that provide the best conversion rate meaning lower CPA is getting the higher position.

This isn’t a way of trying to make it more complicated than it is, this truly does need the attention it deserves to ensure you achieve a great ROI (Return on Investment), as managing these networks incorrectly can cost you dearly, and not give you the CoS (Cost of Sale) you hoped.

We can also review your website/landing pages so to ensure you receive the best online conversion possible, as this is an important factor that will help towards your successful PPC campaigns.

Contact us to find out how you can benefit by online Search Marketing, improving the quality of the traffic that is sent to your website or landing pages from Paid Search / Pay per click networks.