Society becoming more fickle?

Life has changed so much for most people, new generations are born into a very different society to how it was over 50 years ago, so what is it that has made things so different?

From my point of view, it’s easy to ask a variety of questions, is it the economy, are we under more pressure than we use to be, could it be with how careers and technology has evolved, more ambitions, or are we just too busy…!?

The one thing that springs to mind is that when anybody gets involved in a relationship, is that it seems that we look to see if we’re compatible, any slightest disagreements or interests that are so different, then it’s so easy to give up on it and move on to another. I think the one thing that makes us less tolerant and patient with people is due to the ease of meeting new people now. We have so many dating sites, social networks and improved communications with mobile phones and apps. Certainly over 50 years ago, this wasn’t available, so I guess meeting people was so much harder back then, so when you met someone worth staying with, you put in all the effort to make it work. Nowadays, as soon as we’re faced with problems it’s so easy for us to throw in the flannel, walk away and find someone else online. You can communicate with so many people online in any one time, which allows you to vet them before you even decide to meet them, this is a privilige we have now, that our forefathers never had!

But how do we find love and happiness? Happiness we can find in many activities and hobbie along with friendships and relationships, but how do we find love even though we could possibly be more fickle about it? Less people are getting married, and those who are choosing to get married, the divorce rate is on the increase. Has the seven year itch turned into the two year itch in these modern times!? So what does that say about love, we appear to have many more partners in a lifetime. So is love really love, or are they just strong feelings, do we put up barriers to prevent us from getting hurt so that it is easier to move on if we have to, or if we decide that the relationship isn’t working without really putting in the effort to give it a real chance?

I know that this is not the same for everyone, there are the minority that may have started in life not being hurt and given earlier relationships every chance of working, and maybe for some people who have been hurt, may have ended up resenting relationships because nobody likes feeling that way, and this is something that many people do struggle with, as it affects their friendships, work and family life, as many people around them who are close to us can be drawn into it.

I guess we shouldn’t let the old phrase affect us, ‘twice bitten, twice shy’, we all get hurt from time to time, from a relationship that may have not worked, if we think it’s worth fighting for then we should do it, if we don’t then we must learn from it, pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off and give it a little bit of time before looking for someone new, we all need time to reflect and recover mentally before rushing into anything new.

With social networks and dating sites allowing us to meet many new people online without leaving our sofa’s, we need to remember that occasionally it’s always good to get out and leave your home to meet people, as it’s easy for people to hide behind the computer screen and pretend to be someone you’re not. Is this where we get the idea of how people are more fickle with relationships?

Although society may be more fickle than it use to be, let’s hope that it’s just a phase and that times will change again, once peoples pressures ease off, allowing us to focus on other things in our lives again. But hey, as we all know, it’s money that is the necessary evil, and it’s money that makes the world go round!

Be interesting to know your thought, feel free to post your views.