Who would your date be?

I hear this all the time, but if you could have a date with anyone, who would it be? A celebrity, a friend, a teacher, a scientist, an entrepreneur, a rock star, the choices are endless.

For me I did struggle a bit too when thinking about that question, as it really did depend on whether it was from a business point of view or a personal, selfish point of view, so it did mean that I had to put my thinking cap on and decide whether it would be more on a personal level.

So yes…it should be more on a personal level, and if that was the case then it was easy for me to come up with two celebrity¬†individuals, both of them for very different reasons. Of course, as I’m male then there is more of a chance that the individuals being female, just as a young lady may choose someone like Brad Pitt, wouldn’t that be the case…!?

Ok, here we go, for me my first choice would be Natalie Imbruglia, for starters and the most obvious, she’s very attractive and naturally pretty and the curiosity for me would be to see it was still the case at first hand, is she really as good in the flesh as she is in the pictures and on TV. The other reason would be because I was brought up watching the Australian television series called Neighbours¬†which Natalie Imbruglia appeared, playing the part of Elisabeth ‘Beth’ Brennan Willis (did she really have two surnames?), which led her to then focus on her music career, which was the type of music that really appealed to me, in fact I have two of her CD albums!

For me, Natalie Imbruglia appears to be down to earth, modest and keeps herself very private, which I belive are very good qualities in a person, I just hope she would be like that if I ever had the opportunity to meet with her in person. So, that’s one of my selections, now onto my second…!

Now, we all have that fear, of meeting someone for the first time and deciding whether to eat or drink with them, but how awful would it be if you find that you have nothing to talk about and nothing in common to discuss or debate about…!? Well, that’s why my second selection would be Fearne Cotton, the girl can chat for England, she’s funny, young and quite creative, but she also has some very good qualities such as making you feel at ease, she is very down to earth and appears to be very laid back, the conversations she hold never appears to be strained nor does she appear to struggle, it all comes very naturally for her, so that seems like a great evening to me…also if you’re lucky, she’s a bit of a party girl and there might be drinks and a late night too, so hopefully an eventful night, and of course, she’s pretty cute too…!!

So now the question for you is…if you could choose anyone, who would you go on a date with…!?