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Curry House - The Spice Lounge, Norwich
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The Spice Lounge, very close to the city centre of Norwich on Tombland, a very popular area for bars, restaurants and great food!

This has become one of my favourite curry houses in Norwich for Indian food. The Spice Lounge hasn't always been there, it was once a book store, I believe it was called the black horse book store - was that correct!?

The prices are very competitive here and you're guaranteed for a good meal, knowing that you are not paying over the odds for a meal makes it even more enjoyable. The restaurant looks very modern, and the decor is great, the entrance is stunning not what you'd expect for the usual curry house - it's certainly worth a look, look out for the water feature while you wait until you're escorted to your table.

As you'd expect from a curry house, they serve a wide range of foods such as Korma, Madra, Rogan Josh, Vindaloo, Balti and all the other usual favourites, of course if you're not use to a medium to hot curries, then there is a choice of mild curries available too. If you're amongst a large party from work for example and not really into curries, then you even have a choice of some english dishes if need be.

As I mentioned earlier the Spice Lounge has a very welcoming entrance to the restaurant, choose to have a drink and stand or sit down if you prefer, the staff don't mind, they are friendly and chatty and certainly make you feel comfortable.

The restaurant is the next level up which you can see from the ground floor which helps to give this place a great atmosphere, along with TV screens and appropriate music.

The seating is varied, round or square table depending on the amount of people in your party, the furniture is modern and doesn't really quite suit a curry house, but I really like it. It makes you feel as if you're at a more expensive restaurant.

When I go to this curry house, I have been very partial to a Balti, I do like this with chicken, but I usually pick the chicken tikka option, and I ask for my Balti 'madras hot'. Now this isn't a standard dish as the Balti is usually mild, but this is such a nice dish I just have to have it made my way, and the staff here are happy to ablige. I even ask for a keema naan instead of a plain naan which comes as standard with this Indian dish. If you're into hot curries, then I certainly recommend the Vindaloo, very tasty!!

All the usual poppadums and onion bajis are available for starters and side dishes, and there is a great choice of starters available, and all washed down with the option of nice cold traditional Indian beers such as Cobra or Kingfisher - of course only for those aged 18 and over!

Even if you haven't tried curries before in a curry house, then why not give it a try, I'd certainly recommend this Indian restaurant and I certainly make a point of continuously going back for more. You can find it on Prince of Wales Road, Norwich - very close to the city centre.

My Rating: Very Good

So if you fancy a curry at a restaurant with a great decor and surrounding, then here is where you want to go. It's best to book a few days ahead especially for the weekend. To book call The Spice Lounge on telephone number 01603 766602. Don't forget to tell them that mo4 (Mark Ovens) sent you!
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