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Reed's Restaurant & Bar in Tombland, Norwich
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Welcome to mo4, we hope to help you with information, reviews and let you know what's happening in the area of Norwich, Norfolk.

Reed's is no longer a members club, and is now available to all! The venue will be reviewed again soon - Watch this space....

The Reed's Restaurant & Bar in the heart of Norwich

This is a very nicely situated members club in the heart of the city of Norwich. But I'm always confused by the name, is it Reed or Reeds, although the website is clear in that it's Reed's.....anyway here we go....!

I have visited this bar and restaurant on many occasions and have found it to be very welcoming. I only wish that Reed's attracted younger people, it certainly use to, but for some reason it seems that with many new modern bars and clubs in the area, it seems to make them save their renewal money and force them to retreat to the free modern bars in the area, which is a shame.

I do like this members club in Norwich, and there aren't many around, certainly not at these competitive rates. The Reed's club offers a very nice bar area with many sofa's to lounge on, it opens up to the garden which is absolutely fantastic in the summer time. Reed's has a very nice restaurant, again modern but relaxing, the service is still good although I didn't think the staff were so attentive as per previous visits.

They offer great a la carte meals at good prices, but again, as you're a member then you would expect this, but the restaurant is a very nice perk. In fact you can't help going back for more, it doeen't matter whether it is lunch, dinner or tea/supper. They also offer theme nights during the week, so you can get to try many new dishes and flavours from around the world.

They invite many bands and singers to the club to entertain their members and guests. Occasionally Reed's will even put on a disco night, although it sounds very corny, it can be quite good at times, although I guess this would attract more of the younger person than the elderly gentleman!? But Reed's do try and cater for all!

Reed's in Norwich has very good food, an excellent choice of wines and champagne (I do like the pink bubbly)! If you get the option of having a look as a guest then take advantage of it.

If you would like details of Reed's Members Club then please feel free to contact us, and I would be happy to arrange a group guest visit to look at the premises.

I'm still waiting for my vip membership to arrive from the owners.... (wink), oh well, maybe one day!

You can call their office on telephone number 01603 665660 for more details, don't forget to tell them that mo4 sent you!

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