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Lee Evans on Tour, Norwich, Norfolk
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Lee Evans on Tour, at the Theatre Royal in Norwich

We were fortunate to have Lee Evans visit Norwich last minute, and was performing at the Theatre Royal in Norwich for a week.

This was a good opportunity for me as I have never seen Lee Evans live before, especially as a stand up comedian, so this was going to be something very new for me.

We arrived at the theatre and started with just a drink at the bar to relax after a stressful day, this was also to ensure we were in the right mind set before entering the auditorium.

We took our seats and got comfortable, Lee Evans was introduced and he came onto the stage and got himself organised, he removed the microphone stand and started by saying hello and welcoming the audience to the theatre.

Lee Evans got straight into telling some jokes and humorous stories, although for me I didn't feel as if this was going to be a good start as the jokes I felt were a little silly - at this point I wondered that what I had seen of him on TV as a stand up comic maybe just the high lights, like the 'best of', so I was starting to think it could be like this all night.

The difficulties I find for a stand up comedian is that there must be a strategy involved with assessing the audience and maybe warming them up as well as warming himself up! There's obviously that formula they search for to get everyone in the auditorium in the right mood, relaxed and better still cheerie.

This did seem very apparent after 10 minutes as it seemed that the dynamics of the jokes started to become more relative in that they're all jokes and stories that we experience on a daily basis, but the great thing about Lee Evans is that he has his own style of humour along with his funny face pulling and silly and amusing ways started to win everyone over including myself.

I must say 15 minutes in, and I was laughing with him along with everyone else, the jokes and stories he told were great and hilarious, and many of them we could associate with, which made it even more funny. Lee Evans ensured that each of his stories appealed to everyone, covering topics about marriage, sport, driving, country life which was specific to Norfolk and so on.

Certainly from the one night I had the pleasure of watching him, I found that he was very funny, put on a great show and worked very hard. The audience got there money's worth. He was on the stage from 7.30pm to 8.55pm, and then again from 9.10pm to 10.30pm, a long evening for him but a very enjoyable evening for everyone else.

Of course, what you'd expect with Lee Evans, is his cheeky smiles, put on voices and his constant sweating which started pretty much after the first 10 minutes. Seeing Lee Evans on tour is not to be missed.

If you're fortunate enough to have Lee Evans visit your area then you must go and see him. There were many people waiting to see him outside the theatre and Lee Evans was happy to meet everyone having pictures taken and giving autographs, he is a very down to earth and friendly guy!

If you get the opportunity then buy your tickets before they sell out!!

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