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Katherine Jenkins 2006

Katherine Jenkins 2006: The classical female singer from Wales, one of the most powerfull mezzo-soprano voices I've heard, a great example of opera singing, Katherine is one of the best!

Katherine Jenkins with Marrk - On tour at Norwich Theatre Royal

Katherine Jenkins UK Theatre Tour

Well for those who attended, they weren't disappointed. Just like last
year this was a spectacular performance which also included her special
guest from Iceland called Garda Cortez...I hope I spelt his name right!?

Katherine Jenkins sang many of her popular classical pieces from all
her albums, Premiere, Second Nature and Living a dream. I would also
say that she sung a couple of new songs which I am sure will be on her
new album Serenade, which I'm looking forward to getting soon!

In this years performance she even added a little bit of humour with a
joke and also took a picture of the audience for her family, I did like what
she was trying to do but not sure if it was suited for this sort of evening, nevertheless I'm very sure that everybody left very content and enjoyed every minute of it.

What more can i say.... go see her for yourself!

You can find out more about Katherine Jenkins by visiting her website

Article by Marrk

Katherine Jenkins 2005 - UK Theartre Tour

Well I was lucky to have had the opportunity to attend one of her tour dates, she came to Norwich and I managed to get good seats to see Katherine's performance. I have her last album so I knew her voice was powerful, but after seeing her live for the first time, I never knew how powerful her voice really was! It was mesmerising just watching
her sing, it was amazing!

For anyone who has not seen Katherine Jenkins, whether you are a classical fan or not, you are definitely missing out, those who love this type of music will love it, and for those who don't, well, either you'll be pleasantly surprised and amazed by the singing, or might even find yourself converted!?

Well hopefully you'll get to see for yourself, well worth the money, you'll love it.

I got the chance and had the pleasure of meeting her after the Performance, Katherine is a very friendly and genuine person, as you can see she kindly allowed me to have a picture taken with her. I just so wished I had a camera with me, but had to make do with a camera phone, and of course I forgot to turn the picture quality to high, so unfortunately I have a low-res image with no chance of having it enlarged and be warned, be prepared!

You can find out more about Katherine Jenkins by visiting her website

Article by Marrk
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