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Welcome to mo4, we hope to help you with information, reviews and let you know what's happening in the area of Norwich, Norfolk and beyond.

There is so much news and gossip out there which talks about everyday lifestyles, this is anything from fashion, the latest trends through to your opinions on many subject matters.

Many people overlook the differences in living patterns and how individuals express themselves. This could be by how they look, a haircut, the clothes they wear or down to their activities such as fitness, hobbies and so much more.

So add your own subject matter by submitting an article and express your own opinions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Kimi HairdressersParachuting & Skydiving in the UK - Experience the thrills of Tandem Parchuting and Skydiving, free falling from 13,000 feet (almost 2 miles up), falling reaching speeds of up to 130mph - What a rush...!!?

Kimi HairdressersAdrian Johns Hairdressing Salon - Visit the new refurbished Salon in Brundall, great team of people and some really professional haircuts!

Kimi HairdressersKimi's Hair Salon (Hairdressers) - Find out more about this great salon in Blofield, Norwich. The creative hair designers and beauty enhancements specialist.

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