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46664 Nelson Mandela Concert at Hyde Park
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Hyde Park Concerts - Special one off concert celebrating Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday and promoting his 46664 charity (which was his prisoner number).

Hyde Park Concert in London - 46664 Nelson Mandela's 90th Birthday Celebration

I was quite impressed how well the concert grounds was set up - I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to sign up as a hotlist guest, the only problem I had was queuing for the tickets as only a voucher was sent in the post, so you still had to claim them, we probably waited for about an hour and then the heavens opened and everybody queuing for these special tickets got absolutely soaked - can't say I felt that special at that point in time! did add to the fun...but just as well I wasn't wearing my best suit!

Anyway - we eventually got the concert tickets and we were then able to find a local bar to order ourselves a drink and something to eat.... along with drying ourselves off.

The gates opened at 4pm for the 46664 Nelson Mandela concert, so we decided we'd get there at 5pm, as the queuing again would be very off putting - when we arrived we found that there was a special queue for the hotlisters, so we were pleased that the queue for these ticket holders had completely cleared, we walked through and with a very brief security check we got through (can't say it was a thorough check either which really surprised me).

We worked our way towards the concert stage, it was nicely positioned and the vip high unit was also nicely set up which is where Nelson Mandela and celebrity guests would be seated - at some point through the night the Prime Minister Gordon Brown would also be arriving. We found the beer tent so we knew exactly where to go for our beverages!

The gold circle access was included in our hotlist package - this was special access to the area in front of the stage (we were even closer to the stage than the vip's were!), a special bracelet had to be worn so that you could gain entry, from the picture above you can see me in the Gold circle - and what a great place to be, you couldn't get any closer!!

We got ourselves some drinks and positioned ourselves, at this point we had half an hour to go before the Nelson Mandela concert would start (6.30pm).

There were many great acts and I was surprised to see so much of Will Smith, and it was great to see him there! The list of acts were as follows - Amaral, Amy Winehouse, Andrea & Sharon Corr, Annie Lennox, The children of Agape Choir, Eddy Grant, Emmanuel Jal, Jamelia, Jivan Gasparyan, Joan Baez, Johhny Clegg, Josh Groban, Kurt Darren, Leona Lewis, Loyiso, Papa Wemba, Queen & Paul Rodgers, Razorlight, SAS House Band, Simple Minds, Sipho Mabuze, Soweto Gospel Choir, Sugababes, Suzanna Owiyo, Will Smith, and Zucchero.

Please find below my gallery, a small selection of my pictures that I took at the event - these are also available to buy, please contact me for further details.

Will Smith at Hyde Park Amy Winehouse at Hyde Park
Razorlight at 46664 Nelson Mandela Concert in London Leona Lewis at Hyde Park in London
Jamelia at Nelson Mandela's 90th Birthday Celebration Nelson Mandela himself
Sugababes at Hyde Park in London Annie Lennox at Nelson Mandela's 46664 90th Birthday Celebration
Brian May in Queen Amy Winehouse in the final act with fellow celebrites

I did enjoy all the acts - Amy Winehouse is impressive, she's not an entertainer but she sings so naturally and at ease, that alone got everyone cheering and dancing. Leona Lewis, Jamelia and Annie Lennox also had impressive voices, so so powerful - and it was an absolute pleasure to see all these artists in one place. Queen of course as you'd expect was fantastic, an excellent finale.... a great way to end the night before all the music celebrites / artists joined the stage together for one last final song!

....I'm glad i didn't miss this event - I had a fantastic time there!

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